Software Developer

Personal Summary

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Years Experience

10 years of software development experience in three different industries.

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C++ | Java | C#

Advanced level of C++ knowledge and products released in Java, C#, Javascript and more.

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Developed and released 4 android applications to the play store, written in Java and Kotlin.

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Linux Solutions

Competent with the Linux kernel and creating kernel modules. Using Docker to create reproducible build environments for CI.

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Public SDK Design

Experience in developing and releasing public SDK products for software developers, along with high-level documentation and guides.

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Developer Tools

Extensive use of bug tracking, buildservers, and version control/peer review software from Atlassian, Github, Jenkins and Buildkite.









Visual Studio

Jetbrains IDE's





Web Assembly


PSPDFKit, Vienna Austria (Remote)

Software Developer

Developing PDF SDKs across multiple platforms

  • Working with extensively tested C++17 to fix and maintain core product.
  • Developing new features in a C++ core with an API exposed to iOS, Android, UWP, Web Assembly and Linux.
  • Created and released a new Server SDK for Java and .NET in 4 months.
  • Helped develop the UWP Windows SDK from an early stage in C# and C++/CLI.
  • Refactoring and modernizing the core build CMake build system.
  • Writing technical and non-technical blogs, guides, and API documentation.
Music Group Research, Manchester UK

Embedded Engineer/Software Developer

Creating products for the professional audio industry.

  • Introduced a new buildroot environment used in 4 products.
  • Developed std11 compatible C++ libraries used across multiple architectures.
  • Debugged multi threaded applications on remote targets (gdb).
  • Managed a team of 3 to develop a releasable product.
  • Advised and debugged initial PCB design for 4 different products. Seeing the boards from embedded bring up to bootable version of Linux.
  • Bug fix and maintenance work with current product range.
  • Released a ecos based product within the first 6 months of working at the company.
NFX Development

Android Software Developer

NFX development is a personal project which brings audio/engineering applications to the world of phones and tablets.

  • 30,000 current users over 4 applications and over 150,000 installs in total.
  • 2 applications with an average rating of 4.17 out of 5 on the google play store.
  • Experience with the Android SDK, Java and android development tools.
  • Android USB implementation to interface with an external pcb
Peak Communications, Brighouse UK

Software Engineer

Satellite frequency converters

  • Developed bespoke customer designs based on a 8051 architecture in a software team of 2.
  • Developed a microprocessor module to control a redundant switch over system. All schematic creation, PCB layout and programming done only by myself within 6 months
HPE, Remote Contract

Android Software Developer

Industrial Leak Detection

  • Signal analysis of USB ultrasound microphone data performed in app
  • Locally stored database synced with a server via a REST API
  • Implementation of user input forms for database editing
  • Full creative flexibility to implement extensive use of Material Design
Winder RnD, Remote Contract

Android Software Developer

Pregnancy Due Date Application

  • Helped develop and publish a 4 page android application
  • Developed in accordance to a functional spec with creative flexibility



University of Huddersfield, UK

First-Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics

2nd Year Modules

Enterprise 1 - 78% (A)
Electronics 2 - 76% (A)
Signal Analysis and Control - 62% (B)
Embedded Systems - 85% (A)
Communications - 71% (B)

3rd Year Modules

Individual Project (DSP Audio Acoustics) 85% (A)
DSP Applications - 77% (A)
Analogue Systems Integration - 79% (A)
Digital Systems Integration - 78% (A)
Communication Systems - 77% (A)

* Percentages are in reference to the UK scoring system

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NFX Development Specscope v2

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Winder RnD Personalized Due Date

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NFX Development Heart Fit

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NFX Development Oscilloscope v2